Sussex Defence Solicitors provide FREE advice and representation at the Police Station.

We are also happy to provide further advice to clients at our offices during the investigation stage if required.

Where cases proceed to Court then we are able to provide representation and advice through Public Funding (Legal Aid) or on a private basis.

We are contracted to the Legal Services Commission in order to provide legal advice through public funding. Legal Aid application forms can be obtained by clicking on the attached link. If you require assistance in completing these forms then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Private Funding

Where Legal Aid is not available, we are able to provide legal advice and representation on a private basis. Our rates are competitive and we would be happy to provide a quotation on request.

Private Funded Cases with Senior London Counsel

Appointments for this service can be arranged at short notice. Please contact our Office Manager to discuss this service.

Clients who require access to Senior London Counsel can be seen by Counsel either at our offices or in London at Blackfriars overlooking the River Thames.

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