Fraud / Theft

Dishonesty Offences, White Collar Crime, Internet Fraud, Cyber Crime and Benefit Fraud.

We have particular experience in dealing with large scale fraud cases such as confidence frauds and advance fee frauds as well as high value benefit frauds. If you are investigated for a fraud offence, then the investigating agency or the police will delve into all of your personal financial history and when you are being interviewed will often expect a detailed account of your financial situation. It is important that you receive the right advice so that at these interviews you can remain calm and collected and not be flustered by the questions. It would be beneficial as these interviews often take place on a voluntary basis for you to arrange an appointment to discuss the case before you are interviewed. Fraud trials are complicated, lengthy and the paperwork is extensive, we have links to expert fraud barristers and expert financial investigators whom we instruct who will work tirelessly to pick holes in the prosecution case. 

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