Domestic Violence and Coercive and Controlling Behaviour

We can represent you in respect of all domestic violence offences including harassment, stalking, controlling and coercive behaviour and domestic assaults.

Domestic violence allegations can range from an allegation of assault, to harassment involving unwanted text messages and telephone calls to stalking to the newest offence on the block namely coercive and controlling behaviour. These allegations are made more complicated as they involve your personal relationships and often as a result of breakdowns in relationships. Often these allegations are untrue and when you are at the police station or facing these allegations you can feel both angry and vulnerable. You should ensure you are represented at the police station so that you can receive appropriate advice and in any court proceedings to achieve the best result. 

Sussex Police and the courts take allegations of domestic violence very seriously.  Even if the alleged victim does not support a prosecution the case may still proceed to court.  At the police station an allegation of domestic violence often involves the accused being held in the cells whilst the police seek further advice from the CPS, and this can take many hours. The police may insist that an accused leaves their home whilst investigations are undertaken and has no contact with the partner or ex-partner until the investigation is complete. This can mean contact with your children is also stopped and social services become involved too.  The courts will also impose bail conditions that prevent someone from returning to their home or having any contact with their family. In addition, a conviction for an assault could result in an automatic bar from working with young people and the care industry and also restraining orders prohibiting contact with the family or returning to the home address for 12 months or more. 

We can make representations to the police to take no further action against you and also to the Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue the proceedings especially if the allegations are untrue. 

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