Sexual Offences

Rape, Indecent Assault, historic or current day, Possession / Distribution /making indecent images, grooming, internet sex offences and false allegations.


An allegation of rape usually involves one person's word against another.  Often the issue in the case is predominantly whether or not the person making the accusation consented to having sex with you. We appreciate how sensitive and difficult it is to be accused of this offence and have dedicated Solicitors who deals with these types of offences. A rape trial has particularly strict rules regarding questioning of the alleged victim. We have vast experience and knowledge of representing both adults and youths in these cases and always strive to achieve the best result as the consequences of a conviction can be so devastating.

Historical Sexual Abuse Allegations

It may be that you are accused of a sexual offence that is alleged to have occurred many years ago.  These allegations can be very difficult to defend yourself against as your ability to provide evidence in your defence may be hindered as a result of the time that has passed.  Again, it is often your word against the person who has made the accusation against you.  We can look for witnesses that may be able to assist you in your case and liaise with specialist barristers so that a strong defence can be provided. In our experience success in these cases is often by having experienced Counsel who can ask the right questions of the witnesses to ensure a successful outcome.

Sexual Communications and the Internet

We have represented people who are accused of grooming and arranging to meet people they have met on the internet.  Often it is alleged that the accused has sought to make contact with someone who is under the age of 18. The impact of these allegations goes far beyond the criminal proceedings affecting your employment prospects, your ability to travel and can involve the imposition of stringent sexual harm prevention orders. These affect your daily life as they can involve restrictive use of the internet and prohibited contact with anyone under the age of 18 years. We also have experience of applying to the police for the removal of persons subject to the sexual offences register and appealing or varying terms of Sexual Harm Prevention Orders. It is vital that you contact us if you face this type of allegation.

Indecent Images

Being accused of possessing, making or distributing indecent images is very stressful not only for you but also for your family and those close to you as your employer could be informed of your arrest and also social services if there are children in your household.  When you are interviewed by the police about these types of allegation, it is imperative you are represented. There is a range of classification of images and the law is not straightforward. Often some of these images have appeared as pop ups on your computer and you may not have knowingly downloaded them. At the time of your police station interview, the police will not have examined your computers and so you may incriminate yourself and provide the police with information they do not have at the time of your interview.  The information you provide at that interview can have far reaching consequences. We can represent you at the police station and at Court and we can also deal with any unreasonable ancillary orders such as sexual harm prevention orders. Our Solicitors are experienced in dealing with cases of such a sensitive nature and you should not be embarrassed about contacting us.

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