Our Team

Our experienced team of solicitors and police station representatives, with close links to specialised criminal Barristers will ensure you have the best defence.

Police Station Representatives

Paul Glynn

Accredited Police Station Representative

Chris Scutts

Accredited Police Station Representative

Raye Fielding

Accredited Police Station Representative

Mike Balmer

Police Station Accredited Respresentative

It is not always possible for our Solicitors to represent you at the police station as they may be at Court. In these circumstances we will arrange for one of our handpicked accredited police station representatives to advise you at the police station.   All of our police station representatives are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have been supervised by our own Solicitors to ensure their advice at the police station is of the highest standard.  The police station accreditation register is regulated by the Legal Aid Agency and all of our representatives appear on that register.

All our police station representatives have over 25 years-experience of police procedures and practice from the inside as they have all had successful careers with Sussex and the Metropolitan Police. Following their retirement from the police they have undergone the extensive Solicitors Regulation Authority training to become police station representatives and so you are in safe and knowledgeable hands should Paul, Chris,  Raye or Mike represent you when you are being interviewed by the police. If you wish for a Partner of the firm to represent you at the police station, this can be done but only a private basis.

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