Magistrates Court

We can provide defence representation in the Magistrates Court by experienced advocates either by way of legal aid or on a private fee paying basis.

Our Solicitors are in Court daily and have dealt with all manner of offences. Whether it is your first appearance, trial or sentencing we will be able to represent you providing funding is in place.  We have an excellent reputation as trial advocates and not guilty verdicts being returned. In the event you are convicted or do plead guilty to offences, we would try and ensure the most lenient and appropriate sentence. 

Our funding information page provides details of our fixed fees and legal aid eligibility. You should be aware that at the police station you are often advised you can use the duty solicitor at Court as you may have done in the police station. This is not always the case. Our solicitors are all duty qualified, however we would not be able to represent you as the Court Duty Solicitor if you are not at risk of a custodial sentence or there are not any complicated legal issues that you need help with. Therefore, for a drink driving case or a low-level theft or criminal damage or an offence that is not imprisonable such as basic school non-attendance then you will not be entitled to use the duty solicitor at court and would not be entitled to legal aid.  In these circumstances you can instruct us on a private basis and be rest assured that you will be well represented at your hearing. 

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