Regulatory Offences

We can provide representation for you or your company in respect of RSPCA prosecutions, Inland Revenue Investigations, Trading Standards, Environmental Health Investigations, Taxi Licences and Alcohol and Security Licences.

We have Solicitors with particular expertise in representing individuals or companies in respect of RSPCA Prosecutions,  Inland Revenue Investigations, Trading Standards, Environmental Health prosecutions, Food and Health Safety, Taxi licenses, alcohol and security licenses. We can represent you at interview and throughout the proceedings at Court and any appeal processes. These prosecutions are usually brought by the Local Authority.  

We can provide representation at the initial stages of the investigation when you are interviewed by the relevant authority as quite often we find when representing people at Court they have not been represented in the initial stages of the relevant authorities investigation. Specialist advice in the early stages of any type of regulatory offence is vital to your defence or mitigation and will assist your case if proceedings are brought against you. 

These interviews unless conducted at the police station are not covered by the Legal Aid Agency and representation for interview would be on a private paying basis.  Please see our funding page for further details of our fees.  

Please contact Sharon Waggott to discuss your requirements further. 

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