We can represent you for all drugs offences, from a simple possession to a cultivation of cannabis to large scale class A drug conspiracy.

From a simple possession of drugs to large scale class A drug supply conspiracies we have handled hundreds of these types of cases. More recently cuckooing offences have been in the limelight and we have defended those who have found themselves through no fault of their own in dealing drugs. Cannabis production and cultivation are always cases that we have a large volume of. We are therefore very experienced in dealing with these types of offences in running trials and achieving good sentencing results. It is important that if you are arrested for supplying drugs that you are represented at the police station as usually the police will have limited evidence at that time and will rely on you to provide them with information that could lead to you being prosecuted.  It is likely that the police investigation will go on for some time due to mobile phone examinations that will have to take place for the police to establish whether any drug dealing has actually gone on. Contact us for representation for these types of offences.

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