Magistrates Court Hearings -Fees

Private fees for Magistrates Court Proceedings.

Although you may be eligible for legal aid in your magistrates court proceedings, we may decide we do not want to undertake your case on this basis.  This is because it is not always financially viable for us and we will be unable to undertake the amount of work that is necessary to ensure your best defence, as a result of the fixed fee we will be paid by the Legal Aid Agency. We will inform you at the outset of your case if this will apply to you. 

We offer competitive and realistic fees for conducting magistrates court cases privately which are set out below. 

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ServiceFees excluding VAT
Initial consultation to discuss current or potential case before going to Court including a review of any case papers£500.00
First Appearance at Magistrates Court (not guilty plea / guilty plea and sentence concluded on same day/Plea and Venue hearings, simple road traffic cases including travel time, travel expenses and parking where applicable). We can also represent you at other Magistrates Courts that are not listed here so please contact us for a quote.Worthing   £900.00
Brighton  £1000.00
Crawley   £1000.00
Sentencing Hearings or other hearings adjourned from first appearance or your Trial£750.00
Exceptional Hardship Hearings£1500.00 
Special Reasons Hearings£1500.00
First Appearances for protective orders such as Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Stalking Protection Order, Sexual Harm Prevention orders (fees for the final hearings in these types of matters if contested will be agreed with you in advance of the final hearing).£1500.00
Magistrates Court half-day Trial£4000.00 plus Disbursements
Magistrates Court 1-day Trial£6000.00 plus Disbursements
Trials over 1-dayFees will be agreed

Please note, if your case is complex and involves a number of witnesses, we have the right to vary our fees and will agree them with you.