False Sex Allegations

An individual’s actions can be misinterpreted and lead to an arrest.

Allegations of sexual misconduct are commonplace particularly with the availability of modern technology such as WhatsApp and Instagram etc. We appreciate that the effect of even being accused of such a crime brings untold turmoil and stress to you, your family and all those close to you. The rise in historical and current sexual offences that the police are investigating has been astronomical. The majority of those accused of historical sexual abuse cases are innocent and the consequences of a conviction are devastating. This is especially when the stakes are so high as if you are convicted of such a crime you are likely to be subject to a lengthy prison sentence, appearing on the Sexual Offenders Register and have a Sexual Harm Prevention Order made against you prohibiting from you getting on with your daily life. In these circumstances you will require our services.   

We would recommend you that you contact us as soon as the police want to interview you as many of these interviews are now done voluntarily at the police station.  If we are instructed at the outset, we have the best chance of being able to make representations to the police about the false allegations that have been made against you so that you are not charged with any offence. 

If you are charged with any offence, then we would not stop in trying to get the Crown Prosecution Service to review your case with a view to them discontinuing the proceedings against you.  In the time leading up to your trial we would thoroughly prepare your case and ensure you are ready to give your best evidence at trial including having conferences with your specialist Barristers so that you are confident when the trial comes. 

If you have been accused of any sexual offence, then contact Sharon Waggott.

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