Protective Orders

Restraining Orders, Breaches of Non - Molestation orders, Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, Stalking Protection Orders, Criminal Behaviour Orders, Violent and Gang Protection Orders, Community Protection Notices.

We can provide expert representation to defend ancillary or stand alone protection orders that are brought against you by either the police, the local authority or the Crown Prosecution Service.  It may be that these orders are sought during current criminal proceedings you have or they are not part of any proceedings and are what we call stand alone orders.  It is vital you obtain legal advice in relation to any imposition of a protective order as the implications for you can be great.  These orders can last for indefinite periods and the prohibitions sought can have a massive impact on your daily life as they can restrict your family life, who you associate with, where you can go and your use of the internet to name a few popular prohibitions. 

If you are served with an application, then you should contact us to represent you.  Legal aid is available for some of these orders and we can also represent you on a private basis.  

If you find yourself in breach of any of these orders, the stakes are high and for most of these orders, the starting point will be a custodial sentence.   We can help you to avoid such a sentence and you should contact us for assistance. 

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