Second Opinions and Appeals

Initial consultation fees for second opinions.

We can provide a second opinion whether it be as a result of advice you received at a police station, a Magistrates Court Case, a current Crown Court case or where you have been convicted of an offence and are looking to appeal and your original solicitors are unable to assist you. You may also be representing yourself. 

We will take your instructions, consider the case papers and write to you with our opinion. If Counsel’s opinion is required, we can obtain it for you.  We would advise you that in our experience many cases are handled incorrectly either by the prosecution or by the Defence which result in defendant’s being unhappy with the outcome of their case. We can help put your mind at rest by providing a second opinion. 

You are not entitled to legal aid for second opinions and in the first instance we offer an initial consultation for £500.00 plus VAT. 

Please contact Sharon Waggott at our offices.

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